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Bonds and Fixed Income | Devonhirst

Access the global fixed income markets with advice from our dedicated fixed income specialists.

Achieve a fixed rate of return with lower fees and charges to help balance your overall portfolio.

Bonds and debt instruments from the majority of the worlds major banks and financial institutions.

Fixed income funds and peer to peer products, as well as asset backed, alternative investments.

People bank on us, but we’re not a bank.

Or a hedge fund. Or an investment bank.

Bonds and Fixed Income Portfolio

We help our clients, and the people they serve, save for retirement, pay for their children’s educations, buy homes and start businesses. Throughout our history, we have continued to find new ways to contribute to a more equitable, resilient future for everyone.

As Devonhirst are completely independent, we work for you and not the banks, therefore our number one goal is finding you the right rate for the correct term to suit your overall investment strategy. We have access to the majority of bonds and fixed income products on the market, plus our peer to peer fixed income service, allows you to find better rates on the secondary market with the exact same level of capital protection.

Bonds and Fixed Income - your key questions, answered

What types of fixed income products are availble?

In many cases accessing the best fixed income opportunities require you to have a very high minimum level of investment, however as a large institution ourselves, our buying power enables us to access these opportunities, without you having to directly invest the same amount. This allows our clients to access nearly 95% of the worlds fixed income options with far lower investment minimums.

What is the minimum level of investment?

The minimum portoflio size to become a Devonhirst client is 25,000 USD. However the minimum investment for each fixed income product varies depending on the financial institution the product is held with or the institution we acquire the investment from.

What is the peer to peer fixed income service?

Most fixed income products such as bonds can and will be sold on the secondary market. Our peer to peer service enables you to acquire a bond from another investor showing a far better rate, usually down to the age of the bond and the term remaining. We offer a matching service to match you with other investors who are looking to sell their bonds, sometimes at discounted rates, offering above average returns, with the exact same capital protection.

Is there any additional risk with the secondary market?

There is no difference between buying an older bond on the secondary market, compared with a new bond direct from the issuer. You receive the exact same guarantees and capital protection limits and the investment is still held direclty with the bond issuer.

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We have a large team of financial experts specialising in all aspects of investment advice. We can offer you expert advice across the market as a whole from bonds and fixed income, through to private equity placements, mutual funds and a diversified stock portfolio.

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