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Business Offshore Bank Accounts | Devonhirst

1. Offshore bank account consultancy.

We listen to our clients and work closely with you, sharing our vast knowledge of offshore banking and advising you on the best options available for your business offshore account.

2. Super simple remote applications.

We help you choose the most suitable bank for your business remotely. Save your time, easily open your offshore bank account without leaving your desk or travelling abroad.

3. Personal visits and trip planning.

Some banks will require your physical presence. Our team prepare all necessary documents, meet you at the airport and can arrange air travel, transfers and accommodation.

4. Dedicated multi-Currency accounts.

We assist you in setting up multi-currency offshore accounts, move your money easily between currencies, send and receive money across multiple countries with lower fees.

Devonhirst provides a business offshore account opening consultancy service in many jurisdictions that are well known and many that are classed as fast emerging countries or countries with specific benefits and uses.

Devonhirst arrange thousands of offshore accounts around the world in more than 25 jurisdictions. Your relationship manager will work with you, listening to your requirements and will advise you on the best options to suit the golas and objectives of your business.

We have personal relationships with more than 250 banks around the world, such as HSBC, Citi Bank, UBS, Standard Chartered, DBS and OCBC. Some of our most popular jurisdictions include the Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands, United Arab Emirates, Belize, Delaware, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Cook Islands, Panama, St Lucia and Latvia.

Once you have a Devonhirst account, we can run your details through our quick AML process and matching service. This will match you and your needs to suitable accounts and allow us to present you with the best offshore banks available.

Business Offshore Accounts – your questions answered:

1. Do I need to come to the bank in person to open an account?

In some cases you will need to attend the bank in order to complete the account opening process, this will depend on the bank and the jurisdiction. However, for many jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Mauritius, St Vincent etc, you can leave most of the work to our expert team and enjoy the benefit of remote application.

The whole procedure can be completed online and via courier (apart from a few exceptions).

2. Can I have a bank account with multiple currencies?

Once the bank account has been opened, you can choose a multi-currency account. This will allow you to keep several currencies in the same account. When a new currency is used, the bank will automatically open a "sub-account" so that you do not have to pay any exchange fees.

3. What documents are required to obtain approval?

This works on a case by case basis, however in most cases we only require a photo copy of identification and proof of address document for all directors, as well as an incorporation certificate for your company in order to start our search and obtain pre-approval.

4. How long will it take to open my account?

After submitting all required documents to the bank, the bank will conduct a compliance check. Generally, the bank account can be approved and activated in 7-14 working days, depending on the bank of your choice.

5. What countries can you offer accounts in?

Some of our most popular jurisdictions include the Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands, United Arab Emirates, Belize, Delaware, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Cook Islands, Panama, St Lucia and Latvia. However Devonhirst can arrange offshore accounts in more than 25 jurisdictions and can also source accounts in countries upon request.

6. How can I use the funds in my offshore account?

As with any other bank account, the funds of your offshore personal bank account will be accessible through credit/debit cards, cheques, internet banking or withdrawal at the bank.

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