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Private Wealth | Devonhirst

Devonhirst Private Wealth specialises in providing high quality investment solutions for private clients, businesses and charities all over the world.

Our Discretionary Portfolio Service is an investment management service we offer in conjunction with a range of diversified investment portfolios. The portfolios are designed to meet a range of different investment objectives across the risk spectrum.

Devonhirst Private Wealth is a full-service wealth management house redefining the global financial planning market. As one of the largest offshore financial planning firms, we operate globally and are recognised as one of the fastest growing financial services organisations which operate on an offshore basis from the Isle of Man, a leading tax free haven for investors. Our thousands of clients are at the heart of everything we do from providing a wide range of personalised wealth management solutions to ensuring an active and on-going review process.

Asset Allocation

Our portfolios are constructed using a wide range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, property, commodities and cash. The exposure to multiple asset classes ensures that clients are invested in a diversified range of assets each of which are likely to perform differently depending on the market conditions.

Fund and Stock Selection

The Portfolio Manager will select one of more funds or investment vehicles. They use their expertise backed up by thorough quantitative and qualitative to select solutions that are aligned to the portfolio objectives.

Centralised Portfolio Management

We manage the portfolios centrally and execute all of the trades on behalf clients through our industry leading investment platform.