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Features & Functions | Devonhirst

1. Deposit and withdraw funds.

Make deposits and withdraw funds to and from your investment account from anywhere in the world, as an offshore company we can facilitate payments on a global scale.

2. View portfolio performance.

View your overall portfolio performance over the short and long term. Monitor individual investments such as fund performance, fixed income and your equity portfolio.

3. Download account statements.

Request and download quarterly account statements at anytime, receive annual tax statements and keep copies of all statements in one easy to use investment platform.

4. Diversify and invest.

You will receive full guidance and financial advice from your account manager, invest directly in global stocks, bonds, private equity deals, mutual funds and ETFs.

Only 9% of investors actively utilise wealth management services, don’t be one of the 91%.

Devonhirst is a leading international wealth manager with a broadly based financial services background. Since 2017, Devonhirst have been attracting deposits and investments from clients across the world. While the finance industry has evolved to keep pace with the demands of the marketplace, it has been built upon key strengths of political and economic stability, and a mature and respected legal and regulatory system.

There are several tax favoured areas around the world, but none can rival the significant advantages provided by the Isle Of Man as an offshore money centre. The Isle Of Man enjoys exceptional political and economic stability, as exemplified by a history of over 1000 years of continuous parliamentary government, the longest unbroken period of government in the world.

Devonhirst will work closely with you to create a long term plan that achieves your financial goals, we also offer advice on tax and estate planning which protects the wealth you acquire.

Investment Platform - your key questions, answered

How long does it take for an account to be approved?

Sometimes accounts can be approved the same business day the application is received, however normally it will take 1-2 business days, applications can sometimes take longer if additional documentation is requested.

How do I access my account?

Once your account is approved you will be sent a secure login, you can access this login on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. You can then monitor your portfolio online and we offer two factor authentification in order to protect your account from unauthorised access.

How do I deposit and withdraw funds?

As an offshore wealth manager we use payment processing companies located around the world in order to offer our clients a localised way of making deposits and withdrawals which helps to reduce or eliminate fees.

Are there fees or charges to use the platform?

Although we do not charge you a fee to access the investment platform, there are fees and charges associated with individual investments that will vary depending on the choices you make.

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