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Financial Advice | Devonhirst

Understand and manage your tax obligations with many offshore options available.

Safeguard the financial stability of your loved ones, protect the wealth you acquire.

Create a long-term investment plan to match your goals and provide for your future needs.

Invest in a range of stocks, bonds and funds based worldwide for financial freedom.

Personal approach to wealth and investment management.

The Devonhirst approach to wealth management aims to make offshore investment straightforward, accessible and relevant to you, by combining our global expertise and resources with the heritage and stability of one of the world’s foremost financial centres, Isle of Man.

The Devonhirst service

Your Devonhirst financial planner will work with you to build an investment plan that focuses on achieving the desired outcome for you and your family. As an offshore provider we can offer direct access to investments on a global scale:

  • International Brokerage
  • Mutual Funds & ETFs
  • Bonds and Fixed Income
  • Stocks and Private Equity

Financial Advice - your key questions, answered

As an offshore provider where are you regulated?

Devonhirst is based in the Isle of Man

What experience will my account manager have?

All Devonhirst account managers have at least 10 years financial experience in the global financial sectors. We also have dedicated market analysts that liase with your account manager to cover individual areas of expertise.

What are the costs associated with investing?

These costs will vary depending on the financial product and the provider. We give you access to global opportunties from the leading investment banks and financial institutions, fees will be discussed with you prior to moving forward with any particular investment.

Do you offer face to face meetings?

As we are located in the Isle of Man it can be difficult for our clients to meet us face to face, however if you are able to come to our offices and the assets contained in your existing portfolio are over 2.5 million US dollars then we can arrange this for you.

Access our vast team of financial analysts and account managers to get the advice that is right for you

We have a large team of financial experts specialising in all aspects of investment advice. We can offer you expert advice across the market as a whole from bonds and fixed income, through to private equity placements, mutual funds and a diversified stock portfolio.

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