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Offshore Tax Planning | Devonhirst

1. Offshore tax planning consultants.

Governments around the world are continuing to crack down on taxpayers that do not properly report foreign assets, we give you the correct advice to help you protect your wealth.

2. Structured advice for maximum benefits.

Clients frequently turn to the Devonhirst team before making foreign investments to structure accounts for maximum tax benefits while adhering to global compliance standards.

3. Network of globally based tax lawyers.

Our network of tax lawyers have represented hundreds of taxpayers in audits and examinations as well as in global tax courts to administer resolutions that avoid litigation.

4. Investments and offshore banking.

We give you access to offshore investments that your local financial advisor will not have access to. We also help you to setup offshore banking to protect your wealth worldwide.

Devonhirst help owners of foreign assets avoid enforcement actions by advising them on efficient structuring of these assets, compliance with complex reporting requirements and mitigation of penalties when they are the target of enforcement actions.

We encourage anyone with ownership of foreign assets to seek counsel on the best manner for structuring ownership and reporting of those assets.

The goal of our Offshore Tax Compliance Team, as well as our overall Taxation Practice, is to keep you compliant in the ever-changing world of foreign asset taxation.

Our tax lawyers collaborate in all areas of tax practice, wealth planning, litigation, investigations and international wealth preservation to stay abreast of changes in the law and regulations in order to minimize taxpayers' exposure resulting from ownership of foreign assets or doing business offshore.

Offshore Tax Planning – your questions answered:

1. What are tax exemptions for offshore companies?

Generally, offshore companies in many jurisdictions are free from tax liabilities and all foreign-sourced incomes are tax exempt for companies incorporated in those jurisdictions. You may however be lrgally obliged to report your offshore investments to your local country of residence for tax purposes, however structuring your offshore assets in certain ways can present opportunities to grow your wealth tax free.

2. What country do I need to file my offshore investments for tax?

This is an extremely complex question and will depend on a huge number of factors, such as, where the income was initially generated, if tax has already been paid on the income, the country the investment is held in, the location of the bank you are using and many other factors. This is why using an offshore tax planning expert such as Devonhirst is strongly adviseable.

3. What expenses could be deductible from Assessible Profits on my offshore company?

Generally, all outgoings and expenses, to the extent to which they have been incurred by the taxpayer in the production of chargeable profits, are allowed as deductions.

4. What are the costs associated wit offshore tax advice?

Devonhirst do not offer a set fee structure as it would be impossible to do so. The costs involve will depend on the amount of offshore assets you hold, the jurisdictions where they are held and many other complex issues. In your initial consultation we can evaluate your specific needs and tailor a tax plan that fits with your initial needs and long term plans.

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