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Access global stock markets with advice from our industry leading financial analysts.

Some of the lowest fees in the industry, combined with free personal financial advice.

Access pre-ipo placements in private equity arrangements for access to early opportunities.

Gain expert analysis on market sectors such as IT, energy, real estate, banking and more.

Your wealth is your future.

We understand the impact your wealth has today and for generations to come. That’s why we work with you to help your investments create the future you want. We listen to you and build our service around your vision.

Stock and Private Equity Portfolio

Our trusted wealth management platform brings together the collective intelligence and expertise of some of the best advisers in the world, backed by innovative technology that empowers our clients to work in ways no one else can and invest in a diverse range of stocks and private equity.

Access global stock markets to invest in a diverse range of market sectors and some of the worlds biggest and fast emerging companies. Also access early opportunities in some of the biggest unicorn companies yet to get listed on the public markets, invest at the right time, along with the large private equity firms and venture capitalists to access shares at way below their eventual listing price.

Stocks & Private Equity - your key questions, answered

What stocks are available on the platform?

In general we give you access to the entire global financial market, you can invest in the majority of stock markets, across a diverse range of market sectors.

What are the fees associated?

As a wealth managr and not just an investment platform, we charge a 0.25% flat fee on the sale of your shares, nothing is charged on the buy. This incentivises us to deliver the best advice and maximise your overall return.

What is private equity investing?

If you choose to invest in our private equity placements, you will be investing into companies when they still remain private, before they list on the stock market. This allows you to invest into some of the fastest growing companies at earlier funding rounds, obtaining shares for far less than their eventual listing price, offering a far higher return.

Does private equity carry more risk?

Private equity investing does carry more associated risk over traditional equity investing, this is because the companies you are investing into are at early stages of growth and are unpredictable, however with more risk comes more reward.

Access our vast team of financial analysts and account managers to get the advice that is right for you

We have a large team of financial experts specialising in all aspects of investment advice. We can offer you expert advice across the market as a whole from bonds and fixed income, through to private equity placements, mutual funds and a diversified stock portfolio.

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